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I’ve been where you are…

Standing in front of a pregnancy and birth with a big happy grin on my face and a lump of nervousness in my throat. Excited and unsure, both.

You’re approaching a mystery, and it’s both thrilling (mostly the part where you’re holding a baby in your arms) and a little terrifying (mostly the part where you have to get the baby out and then keep it alive).

Four babies and lots of life and learning later, I’m now standing in a place where I get the enormous privilege of offering to other mamas the sort of knowledge, encouragement, and support I wish I had received earlier on in my journey.

This is for you, sister, wherever you are in your own journey. Whether you want a baby but you’re scared to go through all that lies between here and there, or you’re pregnant and researching like nuts in books and on google (and feeling a little overwhelmed as a result), or if you have a vision for your birth that makes your heart glow but everyone around you thinks you’re nuts for foregoing drugs (or considering doing it at home). Welcome. Bring your self, as you are, with your innate wisdom and your curiosity and lets’s dig in deeper.