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Birth Support & Storytelling

Witness. Believer. Wise sister. Space-holder. Hand-holder. Confidant. Truth speaker. Guardian. Nest tender. Fearless truster of bodies and birth. Storyteller. Image maker.Intercessor.

 The relationship we'll form is an expression of the sort of feminine community many of us long for, and centered around your childbearing year (pregnancy/birth/postpartum). Throughout your pregnancy, I'm your wise big sister, one who has walked just enough ahead on this path of giving birth and mothering to be able to offer seasoned perspective and confident presence to your process.

I want to learn what makes your heart beat faster, what you most deeply want for your birth and your family when fear is stripped away and you're free to dream. I want to help you make that a reality. I am not here to show you how to have your baby. You already know how, deep in your body. But I will be with you while you do it, and I will be a witness to the strength and miracle that it is. And when the birthday is over and you're nesting with your new baby, I will come by to check in on you, to reaffirm that your mama instinct is alive and well, and to absorb the overflow of hormones and emotions you'll be swirling in. 

Through it all, I will look you in the eye as often as you need and remind you that you were made for this. That you are enough. That you have everything you need to grow, birth, and nurture the life you've been entrusted with. 

Through it all, I will often lift my camera to my eye to make images of you in each stage in this sacred childbearing year, so that you can see and feel it again across the years.

What's Included? Keep reading...

Pregnancy Doula Services

Before Birth

  • Free consultation/interview to determine good fit

  • 3 prenatal visits at your home or Brooke’s home office
    • Forming a vision for your most deeply desired birth
    • Education about normal, physiological birth
    • Processing and releasing fears and hinderances
    • Equipping for holistic self-care, natural health and nutrition during pregnancy and beyond
    • Assistance gathering home birth supplies (or packing hospital bag)
    • Planning ahead for a restful and supported postpartum 
    • Prayer (upon request)
  • Access to large lending library of pregnancy, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding books as well as my extensive Pinterest boards.
  • Availability via text, email and phone in the last 4 months of your pregnancy
  • Lots of emails chock full of relevant resources to assist you as you holistically navigate pregnancy and prepare for birth and postpartum!
  • Wholesale YL membership
  • Documentary style photographs taken casually during 1 or 2 prenatals (expect 10-15 images minimum)


  • Optional Add-On: Help with a Mother Blessing ceremony! You can have me facilitate it, or we'll appoint another woman in your life for the job, with all the resources she needs to do it. Ask for pricing.
Birth Doula Birth Attendant

Labor and Birth

  • On-call from 37 weeks to whenever your baby is born
  • Presence throughout your labor and birth and for 2 hours afterward
    • Emotional encouragement, truth-speaking
    • Holding emotional/energetic space that facilitates birthing freely and without fear
    • Provision of reassuring touch and physical support as needed
    • Application of appropriate essential oils/homeopathy/herbs (some of which I bring, or which can be purchased in the shop.)
    • Encouraging intake of food and drink for sustained energy
    • Gentle guidance to positions optimal for effective labor and pushing
    • Support for partner 
    • For home births, assistance setting up the birth space and laying out supplies
    • Some basic assessment of labor progress, which may be helpful in knowing when to call the midwife or head to the hospital
    • Prayer (upon request)
    • Professional birth story photography (expect 50+ images minimum)


  • 2 in-home postpartum visits
    • Set up of a meal train
    • Opportunity to revisit and debrief your birth experience, one-on-one or in a circle of trusted women
    • Help writing your birth story
    • Assistance with establishing a breastfeeding relationship
    • Sisterly counsel on basic newborn care and family adjustment
    • So much listening, sympathy and hugging. :)
  • Documentary style photographs of you and your baby taken casually during one of your postpartum visits (expect 8-12 images minimum)


A photo book compiling all the images I've made of you from pregnancy through postpartum, along with your written birth story, will be delivered to you by your baby's 6th month.


Note: This highly discounted package price includes pregnancy, birth, and newborn photography ($1,550 value) AND doula-like support ($700+ value).

(To purchase one without the other, please contact me for details).