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for mamas who think naturally, love Jesus, and want to give birth joyfully.

Hi, I’m Brooke.

Hi, I’m Brooke.

Embrace is a whole new approach to childbirth and postpartum preparation.

Holistic. Natural.

Fearless. Simple.

Sisterly. Faith-filled.


Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum

(The Childbearing Year)


These 12 months will change you in unprecedented ways and set foundations for the rest of your life with your baby.

It can be overwhelming. There are many decisions to be made, and much to understand so that you can take good care of yourself and your baby (and your marriage).

As if it isn’t daunting to begin with, you’re often bombarded with “birth horror stories” from well-meaning acquaintances, are ushered through busy OB practices like just another number being subjected to all the protocols, and people raise their eyebrows at us if we suggest we might want to “go natural.”

As a woman who follows Jesus, you also want to integrate your faith into the whole thing, and yet there seem to be so few resources available that are both “crunchy” and spirit-filled.

It’s hard to know what to believe about this strange process of having babies, or where to turn for trustworthy guidance and information.


You are not alone.

Embrace acts as a virtual, wise older sister to walk with you through every step and facet of your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, all with a holistic, natural approach and from a Christian faith perspective.


Embrace your birth bravely…


Would you like to…

Look forward to your birth with confident anticipation?

Walk through your pregnancy with a trustworthy guide?

Take ownership of your birth and know that you’re equipped to have a birth you will enjoy?

Have a thorough understanding of the physiology of birth, why it matters, and how to work with it?

Know how to choose a care provider and birth location that will make you feel safe (because birth works best when we feel safe)?

Connect more deeply with yourself, your baby, your partner and God during your childbearing year?

Have a plan in place for a peaceful, restorative and supported postpartum time?

Reduce the likelihood of having a string of invasive interventions?

Have a clear sense of what’s normal and what’s not when it comes to pregnancy symptoms, body changes, and your newborn?

Save yourself many hours of google searching and reading books?

Have video and other materials to share with your partner, shared from the perspective of other dads whose wives have had natural births?

Get clear on your why when it comes to pursuing a physiologic, non-medicated birth so that you can stick with it even when it’s hard?

Participate in an online community of like-minded and similarly-hearted women?

Invite the Holy Spirit into your childbearing journey and grow in your faith and your identity as a daughter of a good Father?

Set strong foundations for yourself, your baby and your family unit that will impact the rest of your lives?

Demystify the experience of labor and have a game plan for engaging it with grace and power (NO fear!)?

My Story


As a mom of four children ages 2 to 8, birth is not so distant that I can’t viscerally remember what it’s like. I remember what it was like to find out I was pregnant for the first time — how excited and yet also how relatively clueless I was about what lie ahead. I remember how surprised I was by the nature of labor, even though I thought I had wrapped my head around it enough to be prepared. I remember how fuzzy and weepy and raw I felt those first weeks after my eldest’s birth.

I found my way through it all somehow, piecing it together with self-led research, some conversations with girlfriends who had kids already, prayer, and a little luck. With each birth I learned more and got better and embracing and surrendering to the mystery of it all.

I developed a probably above-average degree of interest in birth and midwifery, and also took up birth photography when my firstborn was 9 months old. I’ve immersed myself in birth culture and got myself into the birth spaces of as many other women as often as I could over these last 7 years, even going so far as to do a 9-month stint with a home birth midwife, and becoming a birth doula. At the time of this course launch, I’ve attended 126 births, most of them unmedicated.

What a gift it has been that most of the births I have witnessed were “natural births” (a term that’s imperfect, but we’ll talk about that later), and that imprinted me in significant ways, even overriding the ways that culture and media had tried to throw chaotic, fear-based, ugly and unpleasant portrayals at me (as it does to all of us). Witnessing and experiencing birth in a normal, mostly undisturbed way has left a mark on me. I know what birth CAN be like, and I want every woman to have the option to experience it in that untainted way.

I’m also a graduate of an integrative nutrition program and former assistant to a naturopathic chiropractor, which means that the importance of nutrition and natural health remedies became an integral part of my childbearing plan.

Through it all, and perhaps most importantly, I’m a mama! A mama who wants to do her very best for her babies. From the moment I become aware there is life growing in my womb I shift into fierce mama bear mode, doing whatever I know to do that will create a gentle, healthy environment for my growing baby. I always wanted to welcome them warmly, in circumstances that protected and supported their incredible bodies and spirits, through a birth that honored the Creator’s phenomenal design.

Not only that, but — as a follower of Jesus, a counselor, and a naturally self-reflective person — I became curious to know what was going on in the emotional, spiritual and relational realms of the process of having babies. Truly, our whole selves are involved and impacted. Each pregnancy and birth has changed me and invited me to growth. I’ve encountered God in special ways in these places.


I’m a mom.


birth keeper & doula

birth photographer

unofficial student of midwifery

pastor’s wife


holistic health counselor


consumer of coffee and chocolate

I get you.

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Course Overview


Five phases.

Videos, slideshows, downloadable workbooks and more.

Phase 1 : Orient

  • Pre-assessment of birth knowledge, goals, and perspective

  • Relevant terminology

  • History of midwifery and obstetrics and why this matters to your experience

  • A theology of suffering and the “curse of eve”

  • Shift paradigms and perspectives around birth

  • Developing a clear why for yourself

  • Craft initial affirmations

  • Gather your team and determine your birth location

Phase 2: Wait Well (Pregnancy)

  • Real Food Nutrition basics

  • Safe and beneficial movement practices

  • Body changes (what’s normal, what’s not)

  • Holistic self-care

  • Praying over your baby and birth

  • Natural solutions to unpleasant pregnancy complaints

  • DIY prenatal care

  • Growing in trust with your birth team

  • Mother blessings

  • The place of in-between (aka: weeks 38-42+)

  • A husband’s perspective on pregnancy

Phase 3: Birth Bravely

  • Basic physiology and anatomy of birth

  • Supplies to gather for labor (home birth and hospital lists)

  • Holistic Stages of Labor

  • The little discussed placental stage

  • Positions and movements for labor and pushing shown in real birth photos

  • Breaking out of the pain and fear cycle

  • Switching brain modes

  • The art of surrender

  • The what-ifs - handling complications and changes of plans

  • A husband’s perspective on natural birth

Phase 4 : Protect Postpartum Peace (the critical first hours)

  • Basics of newborn circulatory and respiratory transition

  • What brand new babies really look like, shown in real birth photos

  • Your initial body and hormonal changes

  • Minimizing Interventions within the first 2 hours

  • Golden hour and how to fully engage it

  • That first latch, and a crash course in breastfeeding

  • Newborn reflexes

  • Handling visitors

  • Announcing your baby’s birth

  • Newborn blessing

Phase 5: Replenish Richly (4th Trimester)

  • What to expect in the first 5 days (for baby and yourself)

  • 4th Trimester defined

  • Customs and practices around the world

  • The golden rule for postpartum recovery

  • Planning ahead for your postpartum period

  • Basics of newborn care

  • Self-care during the first 40 days

  • Nurturing and redefining your partnership/marriage

  • A husband’s perspective on the 4th trimester


+Lots of “extras”.

  • Must-haves and Don’t-bothers for life with a newborn.

  • Birth films and birth photography to show you birth in a way that may be new to you.

  • My favorite podcasts, books, movies, instagram accounts and other resources.

  • The enneagram and birth.

  • Birth stories from real women like you who have had magnificent and transformative births.

  • How to find a great birth photographer.

+Live community.

  • Closed FB group/community moderated by me.


Enroll Now



It’s an investment in your body, your baby, your family and your future.


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Why “Embrace”?


Because there is a gap…

In all my years spent deeply immersed all things “birthy”, I noticed that the childbirth classes I know of out there stop short of the fullness of what I’ve found birth to be. Either they cover the clinical basics (the progression of labor, pain management techniques and hospital protocols) but leave nutrition, natural remedies, spiritual growth, emotional health and theology out. Or they get into all those deeper realms but do so with some practices and perspectives that don’t align with my Christian spirituality, which makes me feel like I have to be on guard, sorting and sifting through the material to take what’s worth keeping and dismiss the rest.

I wanted to make a safe place where you don’t have to step around tarot cards, goddess language and past lives in order to embrace your crunchy inclinations when it comes to having babies.

I wanted to make a course that extends beyond a professional service full of technical information and amazing practical tips and into a warm, sisterly one that invites you to growth as a whole person, and leaves you trusting yourself and God more than you did when you began.

photo copyright Brooke Collier

photo copyright Brooke Collier