postpartum :: levi palmer

{I posted Levi’s birth story over here}

Since Courtney was a doula-photo client, I also got to hang out with them after her baby was born!

My first visit was just a few days after birth, and consisted of first of all oohing and aaahing over Levi and how much he had already changed, taking note of the glowing, happy countenance of his mama, sorting and putting away clean newborn baby clothes in an accessible place, preparing an herbal bath for mama and baby, and cooking up a simple spaghetti dinner for the Eric and Courtney to eat whilst I held Levi. Levi also got some time in the bright sunlight to help offset the slight jaundice he was experiencing.

This family and their home feel so cozy and supported and joyful. It’s such a joy to find families in a good state after welcoming their baby.

My second postpartum visit with them turned out to be actually a belated, post-birth Mother Blessing since Levi was unexpectedly born a few days before her scheduled [prenatal] mother blessing! I got to team up with her co-workers and friends to host a simple birth story re-telling and new motherhood processing session— complete with a yummy lunch they made! — when Levi was a few weeks old. That also was so special.

Oh, and our mutual friend picked up my camera during this and took a couple photos that I was in WITH Courtney. So rare, and so nice.

I love including more than the average amount of postpartum visits in my birth support packages. I find that these postpartum touch points — filled with plenty of time for processing as well as lots of practical care — are just as important as my presence and support during birth. And selfishly I love being able to see the mama-baby pair blossom and grow together more than just once. ;)