birth photography :: aila rhys

Her big brother was born after a longish labor and then had a shoulder dystocia (which was expertly managed and he was not compromised, praise Jesus). So it was rather shocking for everyone when Aila came slipping out in one smooth motion while her mama stood near the bathroom sink, en route back to the bed. Aila was caught in that unplanned place by a dear student midwife friend of mine, and then she texted me to let me know it was time to head over. A little late ;). I may have missed the birth itself (and that’s disappointing), but we were all so relieved and joyful that this girl came so easily, and so free of complication that it almost didn’t matter.

These images were all taken very soon after Aila was born, and the following day I went to the family’s home to take more photos with big brother included. If you’re considering hiring a birth photographer that may be one of your questions/concerns: “What if you miss the birth?” And the answer is, I will make it up to you another way, even though it isn’t anybody’s fault that I missed it. I’ll either stay longer afterward or do a complimentary Fresh48.

But now I present the first hours of Aila, inclusive of her placenta tour and newborn exam :)…

Midwifery: Simply Born Midwifery

Location: Birth House at Simply Born, Grand Rapids, MI

Birth Photographer: Brooke Collier of Sister Birth

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