birth :: gwen marian

A fourth baby, a first home birth. That carries with it a fresh excitement for a new experience AND a bit of a dream-coming-true joy. Katie knew that she had quick births and that though the very near proximity of their new home to the hospital would mean she could literally walk over there to have her baby when the time came, she really wanted to just stay home. She knew she was a good candidate (low-risk, past births free of complication, etc.) and so once they got on the same page as a couple about the prospect, it was time to find a midwife (that’s Yolanda, whom I’ve grown very fond of working alongside over the years) and a birth photographer familiar with and comfortable with home birth (that’s me!).

A couple unique things about this birth:

  1. Her 9 year old son was present for the birth! He asked and begged and insisted that he be allowed to attend until his parents decided they would agree to it. And he did SO awesome. Watching the wonder and curiosity on his face was super fun. And because I know Katie herself was too deep into her work to watch his reactions, I’m glad I could capture some of them for her to see later.

  2. Baby’s gender was a surprise. And pretty much everyone’s guess was wrong.

  3. It’s not everyday that a mama gives me unrestricted permission to use any/all images from her birth. Katie did just that, though. That means that the post below include some very real birthing images. I think it’s important that we are able to see birth uncensored (though I understand why many woman are shy about offering their own photos for that purpose): blood and nudity and gushing waters and crowning fetal heads and all. I do my best to always capture all of that in a respectful and artistic way. But if it’s not your jam, this might not be the birth post for you. ;)

Have a look at these images, knowing Katie generously agreed to let any/all shots be seen, and then leave her a comment of encouragement and well-wishes, ok?

PSA: I’m not taking on birth clients again until late November (unless you’re a last-minute gal looking for a photographer for August), but I am booking now for winter births. Click here to read more about birth photography services and click here to contact me about booking.

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