How to Create a Sister Circle (+ free download)

A photo from a recent Sister Circle around the fire in my back yard. We don’t always meet around a fire, but I can tell you that it was pretty great to do this time. :)

A photo from a recent Sister Circle around the fire in my back yard. We don’t always meet around a fire, but I can tell you that it was pretty great to do this time. :)

We live in an age of online community. There are Facebook groups for nearly EVERY topic, interest, and qualifying personal characteristic you can imagine. I participate in lots of those communities and am genuinely grateful for the role they play in my life: a place to speak freely about topics I know everyone in the group is also interested in, a place to get input or recommendations when I have a question, and sometimes even a place to share prayer requests.

And yet not even the best online community or more vibrant facebook group can hold a candle to the power of people gathered face-to-face, engaging voice-to-voice. Being with people IRL (isn’t it funny that we even have an acronym now for “in real life” when at one time in the distant past that was all we had?!) is something we’re biologically and spiritually wired for, and I personally feel a conviction to be sure that I’m balancing my online social interactions with in-the-flesh ones.

One way that this shows up in my life and business is in what I call Sister Circles. Sister Circles are monthly gatherings of women who are somewhere in their childbearing year (pregnant or postpartum) or early parenthood (plus a few women who aren’t in that stage currently but still LOVE to talk about topics pertaining to it and want to support women who are living it out right how). The Circle is wide open to all my current and past sister-clients. And I made it because I wanted to facilitate space where like-minded and similarly-hearted mamas could gather together in a safe place to have friendship, support, and an outlet to both share and gather the collective wisdom present when women come together in non-competitive, collaborative ways.

I’m writing a blog post about how to form something like this in your own community because I so often receive comments when I post about Sister Circles about the longing and desire for something like it, and yet because Sister Circle work best as smaller groups, I’ve opted not to fling the doors wide open in the interest of protecting intimacy and genuine connection. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have something like this, too! It does mean that YOU might have to be the brave one to put yourself out there and start up one for yourself.

It could have ended up being a VERY long blog post indeed, so instead I made this handy 6-page guide and it’s yours, absolutely free.

I’m here cheering for you! Go build community. Keep trying, even if it’s slow to build momentum and even if you fall on your face a couple of times. This is work worth doing, it keeps you and your sisters WELL, and it turns out it’s also good for your baby’s brain development.

PS: Embrace: A Sisterly Guide to Having Babies Bravely is up and ready for enrollment at any time with instant access awaiting you. Not only that, but I’ve also made sections of the course available a la cart. Go check it out.