birth photography :: theodore brian

Amongst the many details of intentional and informed home birth that I LOVE in these images…

  • The chalkboard sign that reads “There’s no place like home.”

  • The presence of the bigger siblings and the grandparents.

  • The mama (Angel)’s hands open between contractions and curving slightly closed during them.

  • The way Angel spoke so lovingly to her baby throughout her labor (not pictured, since photos cannot hold sound, sadly).

  • The midwife doing the so-called vag-watch. Haha. (It’s purposeful, not weird, I promise).

  • The amazing (thick! curly!) umbilical cord.

  • The perfectly clean, white ambiotic sac membranes that emerged before the placenta.

  • The placenta, born but still attached to the baby, and floating in a bowl in the birth pool.

  • The newborn exam done on the end of the bed, and especially the fish scale weigh-in (big baby!)

  • The postpartum disposable panties and soft robe.

  • The tray of fresh nourishing food Angel’s mom brought to her in bed.

  • The siblings holing their baby Teddy within that first hour.


Now I’ll let the images speak for themselves.

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