birth photography :: eloise johanna

Before I launch right in to the amazing goodness that awaits us here, let me begin by saying that somehow this Grand Rapids birth photographer and videographer has NO births scheduled for October or November! I'm not sure how it happened, and truthfully, I'm willing to accept that my good father God knows that I will need a little breather right about then in the wake of our move to a new home and so is scheduling it in for me :). Still, I want to put it out there that I do have a openings and it isn't too late, in case someone out there is reading this and secretly wishing they had someone lined up to hold space or document story for her birth! Reach out. 

This birth gave me every feeling and ALL THE HEART eyes. It was the kind of birth you go home from feeling high. 

But Ashley already wrote up and shared all the details and timeline of the birth SO perfectly on her blog (she's a photographer and doula, and a boho mama doing her own sweet things) that I'm going to send you straight there to gobble up the written story. (Be sure to poke around over there for other goodies, while you're at it!)

Here, I offer you my own small part in telling this story. First, in the shape of a hybrid birth film...

And for those of you who want a slower, longer perusal of the still frames, here's that birth photography magic for you!