birth photography :: nora nicole

Sometimes you barely make it in time for a birth. Sometimes -- especially with second babies -- you get a text saying she's "only 4 cm".. and another one a half hour later saying "come now. pushing." Haha. 

So I arrived at Jake and Nicky's house to find baby very near to crowning. She was born less than an hour after I arrived, in the still darkness of the very early morning. A peaceful, smooth 2nd home birth after cesarean. Their two boys slept in the adjacent room, while baby had her first latch, newborn exam, and Nicky had a hearty middle-of-the-night breakfast meal. Then I followed Jake into the boys' room to photograph him gently waking them and bringing them in to meet their new baby sister. 

This is a family who wears their emotions on their expressive faces, which makes photographing their birth stories a TON of fun.