birth :: merrick

This spring I took a leap, and signed up to take a birth films class with Monet Nicole. Though the cameras I shoot with have HD video capabilities, it always seemed like an intimidating feature. Even when I could figure out how to take short clips that looked OK-ish,  I had no idea what to do with them in post processing. How do you edit videos? I had no idea. Well the class was the perfect thing to help me walk into the intimidating frontier of videography. And in April I had the opportunity to film the home birth of a wonderful area midwife. Kristin was willing to take a chance on my yet-to-be-proven videography skills, and Iā€™m forever grateful to her and her husband for that. 

What follows are a handful of still photographs from the birth of their son, and then the finished full length film.

If you have 9 minutes and a few tissues to spare, you're invited to view these incredible, sacred moments in motion. Please know that the actual birth is included, including a crowning shot, as well as the birth of the placenta. Password is SisterBirth2018. This film is being shared with permission.

I AM also now booking videography clients, with openings as soon as August. Click here for all the details: VIDEOGRAPHY