birth story :: pema elyse hope

Crystal is an integrative women's health specialist, combining yoga therapy, physical therapy, and wellness coaching into beautifully customized one-on-one services for women. I had a couple sessions with her prior to my own last birth, and it was amazingly helpful. I highly recommend her! 

Crystal personally practices everything she teaches others, which is probably why when her doula, Brenda, who knows her well and was pretty confident that heading to the hospital (45 minutes away) where she planned to give birth was the right next move, still had a little trouble guessing how far into her labor she actually was; Crystal is a remarkably quiet and serene laboring mama! So when they arrived at maternity admitting and Crystal was already 10 cm, I had to BOOK IT out the door to meet them in their room, where sweet baby Pema was born gently, quietly, mindfully and almost en caul just MINUTES later! The holy hush that surrounded even those quickly-moving events was otherworldly. Pema was just as quiet as her mama, soaking up her surroundings with wide eyes and a quicky cry for a moment, but then quickly settling into a light sleep on her mama's chest. 

I'm so grateful to have been invited by Crystal and Steve to photograph this second birth (you can see Pema's big sister's birth here). You inspire and amaze, Crystal! May your transition into life with two little girls be sweet and rich.