Young Living for the Childbearing Year

Sister Birth Services include a basic membership to Young Living  (value: $45). Why? Because there are so many incredible product offerings (not only essential oils) for the pregnancy, birth, postpartum and newborn care that I always want to recommend, that I figured my sisters ought to have access to getting them at wholesale prices whenever they want to! 

These are some of my favorites!

Peppermint essential oil. It’s brilliant at reducing morning sickness — just a couple whiffs can settle the nauseated feeling pretty quickly. After you’ve given birth (or possibly during labor), you might have trouble urinating. A drop of peppermint in the toilet or applied just above the pubic bone can stimulate urination! During labor, it can also be massaged into the lower back to help alleviate pain.  Later on you can use it in homemade mochas or brownies, mama!

Thieves Household Cleaner. Non-toxic, smells amazing, and naturally antibacterial. It’s the best cleaner to use for everything in a house that kids live in since it’s so safe while also being really effective, and can be used on virtually anything. This is a concentrate and a single bottle will last many months.

Labor Blend. This is one that I mix up and sell in the shop. It's composed of several more expensive oils, which is why I'd rather mix them up FOR you, rather than have you purchase 6 different oils to mix together only to be used for a single labor experience (or maybe several if you keep having babies) .

Claraderm Spray. This product was developed by the founder of Young Living for his wife after birth! It’s amazing at helping to heal a sore/torn perineum after birth. After that, it can double as an after-sun soothing spray for yourself or baby. 

Gentle Baby Essential Oil Blend. This oil was the one that made me want to join  Young Living in the first place. I love the way it smells. It helped me tremendously with the itchy belly skin in my third trimester. I also diffused it daily in the first two weeks after my baby’s birth, as it’s emotionally soothing for baby and mama. Also great used along with a little coconut oil when doing infant massage, or a drop in baby’s bath water. 

Frankincense Essential Oil. Use a drop on the crown of baby’s head after birth to help them integrate and transition. I also just love the smell of this one and it’s powerful for so many health concerns, so it’s great to have around. It’s a baby-safe immune system support, for one thing.

Fennel & Basil Essential Oils. Both are really effective at encouraging lactation and keeping up breast milk supply. I put some of each in a roller bottle with a carrier oil and apply it to the breast tissue near my armpit whenever it seems like my supply is tanking. They can also be used as a seasoning in your cooking where either herb typically is called for.

Seedlings Baby Wipes. Lavender scented and totally gentle non-toxic choice. 

Seedlings Baby Oil. For moisturizing dry baby (or mama) skin. 

Even if you aren't working with me as a Sister Birth client, you can get started with Young Living also. Don't hesitate to reach out with questions, join my oils FB group, or jump right in by signing up.