a walk with a sister :: becca

Our first two prenatal visits happened over good food in fun restaurants, totally in keeping with Becca’s love for “fancy” things. She’s a boy mom, so engaged in her community and her kids’ schools, and she was on the brink of welcoming a fourth son, with her favorite nurse midwife by her side again. Because of my unchangeable travel plans scheduled near her EDD, it almost didn’t work out for us to work together, but I knew I had an amazing back-up available and that Becca would be beautifully covered no matter what (spoiler: that turned out to be important!).

During our visits, we processed the realities of adding another son, briefly explored the possibility of a change of plans to home birth (which surprised her, me, and her husband), talked through birth preferences and postpartum plans, and found truth and reassurance over anxiety about past hard things recurring (this is a super common anxiety!). And we also just laughed a lot and got to know one another. I loved hanging out with Becca and Dave and their boys!

When Becca went into labor, I was out of town, across the country, at the conference we had known might possibly conflict with her labor, even though it had seemed unlikely. It was really hard to be so far away, wishing I could be there for her. And yet, Annica stepped in so seamlessly and with such grace. They all hit it off, and navigated a labor with some surprising twists and turns — and of an unexpected duration — before finally welcoming Oliver Ambrose into their family. All of this I followed through texting both Becca and Annica from afar, adding any perspective or brainstorming/tips as possible, but mostly releasing them to one another and praying! The following photos were taken by Annica and edited by me.

After I returned from our trip and Becca was back home with Oliver, Annica and I went over to see her, process her birth story, check in on all the postpartum healing and breastfeeding things, and bring her some food. She was gorgeous and classy, and totally head over heels in love with her son. Since our visit, her community really rose to the occassion to care for their family during their postpartum season, which makes me incredibly happy and grateful! It makes SUCH a difference to a family’s well-being and a mama’s resilience and health after birth.

Becca is the best boy mom, and I have a special place in my heart for boy moms, honestly.

Thank you, Becca, for sharing your journey with me (and Annica)!