Meet Brooke 

Hello! I'm so glad you're here. I've been trusting that the right women would find their way here, and to me.

I'm a 30-something pastor’s wife and homeschooling mama of four home-born children in Grand Rapids, MI. Over the last 8 years, I have birthed our babies, devoured birth-related reading material, photographed over 80 births, and briefly apprenticed with a midwife. Sister Birth is a package deal of all my life experiences — birth and non-birth related, as you’ll read below — pooled together to uniquely serve women in a sister-like way. I’m also happy to simply tell birth stories with my camera, too, whether in moving images or still ones, for those who want just that.

As a doula, I’m holistic in my thinking, and am guided by the midwifery model of care. I’m uniquely suited to facilitate emotional and spiritual growth through the childbearing year. And my sweet spot is supporting women planning natural hospital births and home births.

And though none of these things alone define me, you might be interested to know that in addition to all things birth, I am captivated by the enneagram, the creation of beautiful living spaces, midwifery memoirs, ice creams with chocolate as the primary ingredient, bulletproof coffee, in-home family photojournalism, lazy Saturday mornings at the beach with my family, essential oils, and nature exploration. 

It is my unwavering belief that birth can be trusted and that most women can — if given a chance and adequate trust and support — birth their babies in power and love. You can read more of my birth philosophy here.