You can do this. I'm with you.

I witness brave mamas have magnificent births.

Hands to hold

There’s so much fear and doubt around birth in our culture. From the moment you announced your pregnancy, you’ve been hearing other people’s horror stories, and it leaves you wondering if you’re a fool for thinking your birth could be different — powerful, natural, and joyful. You CAN have that birth, and with Sister Birth you’ll go on a journey to own it fully. These months build the foundations of a new you and a lifelong relationship with your baby. That deserves your everything.

You could just wing it: Go it alone, take the wide path that everyone around you has taken—unquestioning and compliant—hoping for good luck, with the only goal being to come out on the other side alive. Or you could bring in a caring sister to walk with you, then take the road less traveled, and discover the depths and power of consciously and intentionally carrying, birthing, and nourishing your baby.

I see you, mama. And I want all the good things for you.

Sister Birth offers the comfort and empowerment of sisterly support in person to women in the Grand Rapids, MI area as well as virtually through a one-of-a-kind Online Course designed to help brave mamas like you have magnificent births.

You don’t have to let birth happen to you; you can dance with it.